AGA Trial Class Or Evaluation

Account Setup Instructions

Please do not perform these steps unless you have previously called to set up a trial class or evaluation directly with the AGA Front Office.

1. Obtain Temporary Login Password:

2. Login and review/accept the terms and conditions, waiver, and billing agreement.

  • Check the three boxes marked “I acknowledge and agree to….”
  • Click the “I acknowledge and agree to all policies” button to continue 

3. Change your login password to one of your choosing

  • Click the "change password" link under the Family menu on the left hand side of the screen
  • Enter and confirm your new desired password
  • Click "change password"

4. Confirm/Update Family Info

  • Click the “Family” menu item on the left hand side of the screen
  • Click “update family”

5. Update Student Information (required for children with severe allergies or other necessary medical notes)

  • Click on Students on the left hand menu
  • Choose edit next to the student’s information
  • Enter any relevant Student Medical Information you wish us to have in case of an emergency. 
  • Click Update Student
  • Repeat this process for each child you have enrolled (If applicable)

6. Coming to your Trial or Eval

  • Coming To Your Eval or Trial Class
    • Please arrive at AGA at least 10 minutes early for your child's eval or trial class and check in at the front office so we may get you any additional information needed, and also show your child where to go for their evaluation or class.
    • Preschool & Recreational Athletes:
      • All Trial Class students should bring a sealable water bottle with them.
      • Attire (Evaluation and Trial Class):
        • Attire for All Girls: For the trial a leotard is best, but athletic shorts/t-shirt are acceptable. Please do not wear anything with buttons/zippers. Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or clipped away from face. No jewelry. Gymnastics leotard (no skirt/no stockings) will be required once enrolled.
        • Attire for all Preschool Boys: Athletic Shorts/T-shirt athletic shorts/t-shirt are acceptable; however please do not wear anything with buttons/zippers. No jewelry
    • Team Athletes: Team trials should bring a water bottle, and be in an appropriate gymnastics leotard for their trial/tryout.

7. After Your Eval or Trial Class

  • EVAL STUDENTS: After your evaluation please come into the front office so we can find availability for your child to register for their Trial Class! 
  • TRIAL CLASS STUDENTS: If you wish to register your child into the spot we are reserving, please come back into the front office immediately after the trial class is over to complete the registration process
    • Because you are only on a trial class enrollment, should you not return to the front office your guaranteed enrollment held by the trial position will no longer be valid.
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